Gold Sequins Everywhere on the AMA Red Carpet

From left: Heidi Klum, Elisha Cuthbert, and Taylor Swift Photo: RD/Winn/Retna Ltd./Corbis, Byron Purvis/Corbis

It’s not unusual for red carpets to be overrun with sparkles and metallics this time of year; after all, it’s the holiday season, and everyone wants to look festive. But there were so many gold sequined dresses at the American Music Awards last night that it almost seemed like a coordinated effort. Perhaps a memo was sent out? Or maybe there was a phone tree? A few brave stars did deviate from the norm, including Nicki Minaj, a nearly unrecognizable Christina Aguilera, and Justin Bieber (in his latest drop-crotch pants, of course). Meanwhile, Psy wore a leather tuxedo jacket, Ludacris wore a giant gold tooth, and Pink had a hair doughnut. Click through our slideshow to see the best, worst, and most perplexing outfits from last night.