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James Bond’s New Suits Show ‘Leg Muscle’

No complaints here.
No complaints here. Photo: Francois Duhamel/Columbia Pictures Industries, Inc.

Apparently the new James Bond movie is catching flack because Daniel Craig’s suits, the brainchild of Tom Ford and costume designer Jany Temime, are “too tight.” But isn’t that the point? We don’t want to see Craig’s biceps obscured by a loose sleeve, or his thudding quads hidden in floppy gabardine! Our girl Temime is on the same page. She tells the Times:

Daniel Craig, like a lot of men, is training two hours a day. His body is his signature … To me, it was very important to show that body, and have that second-skin effect. Yes, you see the leg muscle, and I wanted that.

Amen. So, who are these naysaying, joy-killing proponents of loose suits? Meet Matt Spaiser, who gripes about the Skyfall wardrobe on his website, the Suits of James Bond. His argument:

I don’t think Bond should be so fashionable, especially when it gets in the way of a neatly tailored suit … The classic parts of the ‘Skyfall’ suits come with the cloth, but it’s too fashionable in the cut. I can’t accept that the suits are so tight to show off Craig’s body. Suits are not meant to do that like casual clothing can.

Sure, a suit may not be “meant” to show off Craig’s body, but the effort is still very much appreciated.