There’s a Photo of Kate Middleton Dressed As an Adult Baby Out There, Somewhere

Photo: Najjua Zulkefli/Zumapress.com/Corbis

At a party last night celebrating her old university’s 600th birthday, Kate Middleton reminisced fondly about that charity fashion show with current students. From the Daily Mail, “Kate gave a knowing glance and asked [an undergraduate]: ‘I hope you weren’t involved in the fashion show, you never know what you are going to be asked to wear!’” So true — it could be an outfit worthy of snaring the future King… or some old lacy gown. Or, well, both.

She also said she got dressed up as an adult baby for one night out during the university’s “Raisin Weekend,” (an event St. Andrews describes as “much more than just drinking, it’s about making the friends you could keep for life” — but still mainly about drinking, though, because it’s a student thing). “I think there is a photo of it out there somewhere,” Kate casually dropped into the conversation, as if snaps of the future British queen in a knitted romper suit and bib isn’t huge news. Excuse us while we stop blogging so we can hunt down these photos.

Photo of KMid Dressed As an Adult Baby Exists