Kate Middleton’s New Bangs Continue Perilous Royal Tour

Kate Middleton et bangs. Photo: WPA Pool/Getty Images

Anyone who’s ever tried bangs knows that you leave the salon feeling great, your new fringe bouncing in the breeze and brushing coquettishly against your eyelashes. What a great decision, you think, checking yourself out in every available reflective surface. Then you encounter the perils of environmental factors. Gusts of wind become disastrous. Hats are a recipe for greasy strands plastered to your face. And morning hair? Forget about it.

Kate Middleton’s brand-new bangs are relatively subtle and thus less disaster-prone. However, she’s still not immune to the problems that come with bang territory. During a lengthy public appearance yesterday afternoon, she contended with wind, rain, and even cookies — the last of which isn’t technically bangs-related, but still. Click ahead to see how she weathered these obstacles.

Kate Middleton’s New Bangs Continue Royal Tour