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Katie Holmes’s First Post-Divorce Premiere Outfit

Katie Holmes in character (left); at the after-party (right).
Katie Holmes in character (left); at the after-party (right). Photo: Getty Images

Last night, Katie Holmes was photographed on a red carpet, not a sidewalk, for the first time in quite a while. After performing in the premiere of her new play, Dead Accounts, in schlumpy jeans and a sweater, she put on a dress from Bottega Veneta’s spring 2013 collection for the after-party. For months, we’d only seen her in casual skinny pants, T-shirts, and the occasional shift dress, so, by comparison, this outfit looked pretty busy — the scribble-print fabric and the bib embellishment and the waist belt? It’s an uncharacteristically complicated look for her. Anyway, her evenings will be tied up with performances for a while, so maybe she just had to get some frills out of her system.

Katie Holmes’s First Post-Tom Premiere Outfit