Keep Warm: Fifteen Accessories for a Chic Winter


When the blistering chill of winter blasts down, reach for hats,  gloves, and scarves to add warmth and verve to your street look. You’ll be wearing these pieces nonstop through February, so you’ll want ones that don’t just add to your look comfortably but instead bring your whole outfit to the next level. We’ve rounded up fifteen such pieces that are just as fun, funny, or beautiful as they are warm. Try out Portolano’s cashmere gloves with a tech fingertip, perfect for swiping across that phone or tablet screen on a freezing street corner; a black wool beret with cat ears, to keep things cheeky; or even Lanvin’s long leather gloves, a perfect protective second skin for those wearing a cape this winter. Click through to see them all, for a stylish winter ahead.