Kenneth Cole Had an Obama Billboard Joke All Ready to Go

Oh, Ken.
Oh, Ken. Photo: Kenneth Cole

A scene that may or may not have taken place in my apartment this morning:

Boyfriend returns from parking his car, tosses keys on the table. Blogger girlfriend is hunched over computer, looking like crap because she was up all night watching election results.

Boyfriend: There’s this funny Obama billboard up next to the West Side Highway. 
Girlfriend: Mmmzzzz. [Inhales coffee, blinks, clicks on umpteenth photo of Michelle Obama.]
Boyfriend: It’s a congratulations poster that says, “That’s two jobs saved, and long live Big Bird.”
Girlfriend: Oh, that is cute. I love that. Was it a Kenneth Cole ad? Seems like something he’d do. 
Boyfriend: Who?

Kenneth Cole confirmed via Twitter today that this alternate would have gone up had Mitt been victorious. Oh Ken, you jokester you.

Kenneth Cole Had Obama Billboard Joke Ready