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Kristen Stewart Awfully Shy About ‘Love Token’ Necklace

Tucked away.
Tucked away. Photo: Paul Drinkwater/NBC. Byron Purvis/Corbis

Much ado was made about Kristen Stewart’s purported “love token” necklace during those unmentionable Days of Uncertainty that, praise the Lord Almighty and those ironclad Twilight contracts, now appear to be over. Supposedly a gift from Robert Pattinson, the red pendant first appeared around Stewart’s neck sometime last spring and took up permanent residence on her sternum after l’affair Sanders broke, like a scarlet letter of sorts.  Twi-hards everywhere assumed it was a signal of undying affection from Stewart to Pattinson, telegraphed via red-carpet photos. And it worked, maybe! Now they’re so blissfully back together that they coordinated Halloween costumes and are reportedly co-adopting a dog (a sign of true love if there ever was one), but Stewart has continued wearing the necklace anyway, tucked carefully into her bosom and out of sight. Of course, hiding it away just makes it that much more noticeable. Anyway, can love tokens be more commonplace with celebrity couples, please? It’d make it so much easier to keep track of who’s dating who and whether they’ve broken up for real or not. 

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