Lady Gaga Had Her Cake, Ate It, and Then Rolled Around in the Leftover Frosting

Less like a moist slice of Victoria sponge and more like sordid soft-core filmed in a dank Eastern European basement, Lady Gaga recently released a new promo for forthcoming single “Cake Like Gaga.” If diabetes were a sexually transmitted disease, she’d have caught it. Shot by Terry Richardson, the exhausting twenty-second-long promo sees a lingerie-clad Gaga writhing around in what appears to be a large pile of frosting (Us Weekly, somehow, confirms that it’s buttercream-flavored) and then twerking it like there’s no tomorrow in a bubbling jacuzzi — a luxurious, if wholly unsexy, way of cleaning off all that artificial sugary goodness afterward. Watch at your peril: Frosting will never be the same.

Gaga Had Cake, Ate It, Rolled Around in Frosting