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Lara Stone Once Tweezed Her Brows With Scissors

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Newly pregnant model Lara Stone is starting to feel the Christmas spirit, even though they don’t really celebrate it in Holland, where she’s from. As she explains: There’s a man named St. Nicholas, but he arrives by train and leaves presents in your shoes. And if you’re naughty, as the tale goes, he’ll put you in his giant bag and bring you back to Spain.

“I always thought this was quite a good option when I was younger,” says Stone. “It’s warmer there.” As the newest face of Calvin Klein’s Euphoria, the model’s been hanging out in New York of late, where we met up with her to catch up on her country’s traditions, her first beauty mishap, and her tendency to over-spray perfume. Click ahead to read more.

Do you have any specific beauty routines that you keep up for the winter season? 
When it’s colder, your skin needs more attention. I’ll bring out a thicker moisturizer like Creme de la Mer, but I still don’t use it everyday. It’s too thick for everyday. I’ll also use hand creams, which I don’t usually use the rest of the year. I always like to bring a bronzer around in my bag, too, because I feel like I look really pale and ill. I put some all over, a bit more on my cheeks, and then the neck. I’ll look in the mirror and see this big brown face and a really white neck, so then I’ll put it on my neck and blend it in a bit. That’s definitely my winter staple. I’ve been using this L’Oréal one that blends really nicely, so I never have to worry about being too orange.

Do you have any specific beauty products that you like to use for holiday parties? 
It’s quite nice to have a bit more color on the lips during wintertime. And it’s festive, isn’t it? I usually like to stick to red, but I don’t usually put it on myself very often because I’m quite clumsy. So when I get my makeup done professionally, they usually do an outline first with a liner and then fill them in so it stays on, and then you don’t get any splotchy dips. 

Do you have a separate fragrance for day and night?
During the day, I like wearing CK One which is nice, light, and fresh. It’s easy going. Then I’ll wear Euphoria in the evening because it’s a bit more sensual. I’m a bit of an over-sprayer though. If I’m at home, every time I see a bottle, I’ll put some on my wrists, neck, everywhere.

Since the perfume’s called Euphoria, when are you happiest? 
The best thing ever is when we come home and our one-year-old puppy just rolls over onto his back, and he’s crying from happiness and just licking you all over your face.

When did you first start using beauty products?
My mom didn’t use face cream, like nothing at all. She’s got great skin and looks very youthful. But I was 14 or 15 when I first discovered makeup. You’d spend your first pocket money on foundation, and then you read in Cosmopolitan that you have to put on powder first or primer first and foundation, then powder and blush. It was just this messy experiment of orange skin and dry, pink cheeks. 

There must have been a major mishap.
Well, yes. I was going to go pluck my eyebrows, but we didn’t have tweezers, so I used scissors. I thought, Oh, I’ll just cut it off, but then I cut myself, and now I’ve got a scar. It’s so embarrassing. Don’t try that at home. 

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Lara Stone Once Tweezed Her Brows With Scissors