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Lohan and Extremely Tan Alleged Victim Have Much in Common

It is often said that we most deeply resent the people who are most like us. Or something. Twenty-eight-year-old Tiffany Eve Mitchell, the woman Lindsay Lohan reportedly punched at Avenue early this morning, has several things in common with her alleged attacker. Tiffany Eve does not sound like a real name. Lohan changed her middle name from “Dee” to “Morgan.” Eve appears to use sunless tanner, a beauty product which Lohan both endorses and once manufactured. (It was called Sevin Nyne.) Eve is wearing a fur coat, not unlike the one Lohan once pilfered from the “communal coat bin” at 1Oak. Indeed, maybe the two also share a love of theft. TMZ reports that the fight broke out after Eve stole the Wanted singer Max George’s affection.

Lohan and Alleged Victim Have Much in Common