male gaze

Male Gaze: Brad Pitt Was a Better Vampire Than RPatz and Co.

Photo: Barry King/WireImage

Introducing Male Gaze, a new series in which the Cut ends our day with some good old-fashioned man candy.

As the young, shiny vampires and freakishly chiseled werewolves of Twilight commandeered suburban movie theaters, we fondly remember a time when vampires didn’t need diamond-coated skin and abstinence to seem appealing. A time when vampires were men, not boys who drink blood to a sad, shoe-gaze soundtrack. Men with messy nineties grunge hair and captivating cheekbones. Behold Brad Pitt from his Interview With a Vampire days, to serve as a reminder that, unlike bloodsuckers, Pitt’s beauty isn’t immortal.

Male Gaze: Brad Pitt From his Vampire Era