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Male Gaze: The Bad Boy With the Good Look

Photo: William James Warren/Corbis

They don’t make bad boy rock stars like they used to. Those with wild antics that attracted fans rather than scared them away (ahem, Chris Brown). And would Kanye dare sport those leather kilts if Jimi Hendrix didn’t show up in velvet military jackets and loud scarves first? Bloomingdale’s just released a collection of Hendrix-inspired clothes, and a hologram of the musician will perform at Coachella this year. But nothing compares to the man himself: The Afro, for starters. Those lips and nose — competing to be a focal point on his face. Even that small bit of stubble. The undeniable swagger. On what would’ve been his 70th birthday, Patti Smith’s account of meeting him in Just Kids has us convinced: Were he around, he’d still be a sweetheart today