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Max Greenfield Denied a Tom Ford Tuxedo During Awards Season

Photo: Paul Mounce/Corbis

“This week, we need something to cheer us up,” notes Gwyneth Paltrow in her latest GOOP newsletter. Homemade granola bars all around? No, a dispatch from New Girl actor Max Greenfield, who’s happy to share what he wore to the Emmys back in September: “Upon hearing the news of the nomination I was hit by a tidal wave of both love and gratitude. But before that wave overtook my entire being … I rushed to the phone, emailed my publicist and told them to immediately contact Tom Ford.” But there’s a (sad) twist — wait for it:

“On the evening of the Emmys I did not have the honor of wearing Tom Ford, however I was thinking about him. I was outfitted with a custom tux from Brooks Brothers Black Fleece Label.” Womp womp, Max; better luck next time.

Max Greenfield Denied a Tom Ford Tuxedo