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M.I.A. Taking an Organized Approach to Her Collaboration With Versace

Photo: Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images

Spin stopped by the singer’s lecture at MoMA PS1 on Sunday, which involved the contents of three laptops being projected onto the space’s wall — as we’re reminded, she was making GIFs before GIFs even existed. And thus, people got a good look at her desktop, “including folders labeled ‘Versace Prints,’ ‘Bootleg Versace,’ and ‘Versace Outlines,’ and later she confirmed that she is currently collaborating with the storied label,” impressive to this writer, who has one folder on her desktop labeled “Mess.” Spin adds, M.I.A. had on “a gold, D&G-lookin-ass, baroque-print Chelsea boot; a floral trouser; and a navy pajama top with a Peter Pan collar.” D&G-lookin-ass.

M.I.A. Organized for Her Versace Collaboration