Michelle Obama Can Wear Whatever She Wants Now!


Michelle Obama has spent the better part of the campaign in recycled outfits. This was probably because of two reasons: (1) It would look bad for her to swan around in flashy new dresses while the economy still sucks, and (2) new clothes were simply the last thing on her mind. But now that Barack’s second term is secure, she can relax a bit — you know, pour a glass of wine, kick off her shoes, and make some bad decisions on Net-a-Porter. She can break out those jazzy designer items — the McQueen, Hussein Chalayan, and Junya Watanabe that she wore back in the early days of Barack’s presidency but has kept stashed away during the past few months — and maybe even treat herself to some fun new purchases. 

Realistically, Michelle probably won’t dress all that differently than she did during her husband’s first term, but maybe she’ll get bolder. Just as the Obama administration is now free to quit pandering to voters and go big on the issues they’re truly committed to, Michelle can rock out with her favorite designers without fear of striking the wrong note. We’ve compiled a dream list, culled from labels that Michelle has been known to wear (Rachel Roy, Jason Wu, Thom Browne, and so forth), of spring 2013 items that she could take for a spin during her first-lady victory lap. Here’s to more shorts, more McQueen, and more straplessness over the next four years!

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