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Michelle’s Victory Dress: She’s Worn It Before

The Obamas.
The Obamas.

Four more years of the Obamas! The First Family came onstage tonight in a coordinated mash-up of A-line silhouettes, with Michelle Obama in a maroon Michael Kors dress, black cardigan, and black kitten heels. Both Sasha and Malia wore stylish but age-appropriate knee-length pleated skirts, black tops, and ballet flats; Malia’s blue skirt matched Barack’s tie. Perhaps most notably, Michelle’s dress was not new, but rather one that she’s worn several times before. The message? Perhaps there is none — it is a perfectly nice dress, after all. Or maybe she hopes to convey a sense of continuation and consistency. Indeed, as Barack hoarsely delivered his victory speech tonight, it felt like 2008 was a very long time ago.

Michelle Obama in 2010. Photo: MANDEL NGAN/2010 AFP

Update: Here’s a photo of Michelle in the same Kors dress on November 16, 2010, when she attended a Medal of Honor ceremony for U.S. Army Staff Sgt. Salvatore Giunta. Stylelist reports that she wore it to a holiday event at the White House in 2009 as well. This morning, Kors’s PR team sent out a confirmation email saying the designer is “pleased” about the FLOTUS’s choice, which must be an understatement.

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