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Mila Kunis Producing Equal Rights Amendment Drama for CW

Photo: Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

Former Esquire “Sexiest Woman Alive” Mila Kunis is producing a feminist historical drama for the CW. Called Meridian Hills, it isset in a boozy Midwest country club circa 1972, when the Equal Rights Amendment had just passed the Congress to begin a long and difficult process of state ratification,” according to Deadline. It is unclear whether Kunis will play the lead — “a young, newly married woman who joins the junior League, discovering an eclectic group of other young women who become unlikely allies in her quest to change the system” — but she certainly has the period experience from her work on That ‘70s Show. Little else is known about the show at this date, but we predict it fizzles out, amid disappointment and frustration, after about a decade.

Mila Kunis to Produce Feminist ERA Drama for CW