Miranda Kerr and Her Makeup Artist Share a Dog

Photo: Courtesy Photo

Before the Australian supermodel became the supermodel she is today, Kerr was casually ignored by makeup artist and founder of RMS Organics Rose-Marie Swift. “We met on a plane going to St. Barts for a Victoria’s Secret shoot,” said Kerr of the time she first introduced herself to Swift. “I said ‘hello,’ but she just said ‘hi’ and kept talking to Karolina Kurkova.” Oh. Snap.

Since then, after countless scantily clad lingerie shoots, the two try to get together as much as they possibly can — when they manage to be in the same city at the same time. But even as they’re apart, they still share Frankie, Kerr’s Yorkshire Terrier, who splits time at both their homes. Here, they explain their working relationship to the Cut.

What did you first think of each other when you met?
Rose-Marie Swift: I didn’t think anything, ‘cause there were so many models there for a whole bunch of VS shoots and I was occupied with the models I already knew. She was someone new and I wasn’t working with her on my shoot, so I wasn’t really reacting.
Miranda Kerr: I liked you right away. I thought you were cool.
Rose-Marie: Sorry, hon, I love you now.

How did you know this relationship would work out?
Miranda: I am intuitive and I just knew we would be friends, so I kept talking to her and we clicked. We have so much in common.
Rose-Marie: That is so true. We were both really health conscious, so our diet was a common ground for sure.
Miranda: Yes, you also did our astrology charts one day at a job and there were so many connections between us.
Rose-Marie: Not only that you, for some reason, trusted me to take care of your little dog, Frankie, and asked me to babysit her for you. I always had big dogs, so I said I wasn’t sure because I didn’t want to look like a weird New York dog lady with your little dog. You said, ”You will love Frankie!” and I ended up taking her. I still share her with you now.

Was there ever a tough working moment between the two of you? How did you get over it?
Rose-Marie:  I remember I had called you once last minute and canceled doing your makeup for an event because I was mad at you for something. I can’t remember what, though, but you were hurt and I think you ended up doing your own makeup. I felt so bad afterwards.
Miranda: Yeah, that is right. I forgot about that. [Laughs.]
Rose-Marie: The amazing thing about you is that you are so forgiving. We just carried on like nothing happened.

What’s your least favorite friend-beauty moment?
Rose-Marie: My least fave for you was the 2011 Met Ball. I remember you showing me a picture of the dress you were going to wear and I was completely honest with you and said, “Don’t wear that, you will end up on a worst dressed list.” You wore it anyway.
Miranda: I had to have my white swan moment.

Miranda Kerr and Her Makeup Artist Share a Dog