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Mother and Father Brant Aren’t Happy With Peter II, Take Away the Twitter [Updated]

Photo: Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images

This week, the older son of Stephanie Seymour and Peter Brant shared his post-election “contingency plan” on Instagram. It was: “Kill Obama hahaha.” Then, Peter II apologized for said “plan” and a series of tweets he sent out Tuesday night, writing, “I don’t Intend anything negative or harm to our President my facetious statement was a poorly executed attempt at humour, & 4 that I’m sorry.” And 4 that, a rep for Peter Sr. e-mailed us the following statement:

Stephanie and I are deeply troubled and upset by our son Peter’s posts on Instagram and Twitter after the election. Even though his intentions were in jest, he is responsible for his written words and should have been more careful about how his comments may have been construed. The comments that were made are not politically or morally representative of our family or our values. Each member of our entire family believes that Peter should have serious consequences for embarrassing himself and his family and we plan on implementing these. We all love Peter very much and recognize who he is as an individual but we won’t tolerate this kind of behavior toward others. We hope that he learns from this serious mistake, matures, and goes on to make himself and his family proud.

Update I: The @HarryPeterBrant Twitter account no longer exists.

Update II: @BrantHarry lives. Recent tweets: “Me and Peter are 2 DIFFERENT PEOPLE! i actually love Obama and have made it clear in the past i think hes pretty groovy,” and “& as u can see this isnt peters twitter anymore its all mine. I have u ALL TO MY SELF! :D so please stop telling me to go f***k myself. XXXH”

Brants Aren’t Happy With Peter II [Updated]