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Imagine a (Nearly) Photo-Free Fashion Magazine

Photo: Joshua Osborn

What’s now Dash magazine began as NoéMie Schwaller’s final project to complete her fashion journalism degree at London College of Fashion. “I kind of couldn’t stop when my M.A. was done,” she told the Cut, “I just had to make it real.” She officially launched the biannual book during London Fashion Week, stashing it in gift bags and sprawling it across VIP lounges.

The crowds paid attention because it didn’t look, or feel, like a normal magazine: Unlike other indies out there, Dash hones in on illustration, a choice that Schwaller, 31, says is an attempt to help the publication look “homemade,” something “different from the usual fashion magazines that use press images all the time.” Recent features include an interview with master illustrator David Downton, a history of illustrated album covers, and a recipe section based on the colors of the season. “We try to always relate our content as much as possible to fashion but it can be in a fun way or in an abstract way.” To see what she means, click through to hear more from the editor along with pages from the magazine.

Photo by Joschi Herczeg Photo: Courtesy of Dash Magazine
Photo: Courtesy of Dash Magazine

“We are one of the only, if not the only, fashion magazine that is based in illustration, and that showcases a lot of fashion artists.”

Photo: Cecilia Carlstedt

“We try to feature a lot of up-and-coming young artists, fashion designers, and writers, as well as high-end luxury brands. In the fifties, you were dressed head to toe in Yves Saint Laurent, but no one does that anymore, it’s more of a mix and match. We try to reflect that.”

Photo: Sarah Maurer

“Nature is a big inspiration for me. I love it, I grew up with it, and when I’m not in nature, I miss it. There are so many forms, light saturations, and colors that can be an inspiration in nature.”

Photo: Francois Berthoude

“We are a very arty magazine. We have a lot of drawings, paintings, and illustrations in the magazine — more than photographs. I’m not saying that photography is not an artform, but when you see [the magazine], it looks handmade.”

Photo: Joshua Osborn

“The administrative part is just immense. So many days I start off like okay, I’m going to write an article today. I start my day and I’m answering emails and then it’s 12 o’clock at night and I haven’t written a single space of my article. Obviously, it’s fascinating to get to know all these people and to work with all these creative people, but it can be tiring to just email all day. It’s not a very creative part of my work.”

Photo: Meric Catan

“We try to always relate our content as much as possible to fashion but it can be in a fun way or in an abstract way. For example, we always have a recipe section which features a normal recipe but but based off the trend colors of the season.”

A (Nearly) Photo-Free Fashion Magazine