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Peter Brant II Doesn’t Actually Plan to ‘Kill Obama Hahaha’

After a night of compelling election tweets (now deleted) and an Instagram photo of Peter’s “contingency plan” (his account, now private), the 18-year-old took to Twitter this morning at 2:11 a.m., writing: “I don’t Intend anything negative or harm to our President my facetious statement was a poorly executed attempt at humour, & 4 that I’m sorry.” His followers forgave him, with responses like, “Very eloquently put. XxSB,” “peter you is sexy! you is awsum,” and, “More pictures of you banging your mom on the beach please!” Then, it was back to business as usual for the Brant Brothers’ joint feed, with Harry posting, “I hate when people say i have good skin when Im clearly breaking out/ wearing makeup compared to that of a pancake. you mocking me?”

Peter Brant Doesn’t Actually Plan to Kill Obama