david petraeus affair

Petraeus E-mail Buddies Wear Pink Near Windows

Photo: AP, SDFL/Splash News/Corbis

Watching multi-day scandals like the David Petraeus Pentagon of Love unfold, I often wonder what I’d do in the same situation, in the most literal sense. What do you do when, overnight, your e-mails and your social life and your connection to America’s favorite married four-star general are of national interest and scrutiny?

Do you leave the country? Dye your hair? Subscribe to HBO and FreshDirect and settle in for the next month? Does your husband leave? Does your mom come over? What do you tell your kids?

It appears that Broadwell and Kelley, despite their differences — Kelley lives in Tampa, Broadwell in Charlotte; Broadwell harassed Kelley over e-mail, Kelley called the FBI on Broadwell — chose to do basically the same thing: go home (or, in Broadwell’s case, to your brother’s house), put on a cheerful color, pour yourself a glass of wine, flip on the news. Sounds about right.