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Brad Pitt Now Moonlighting in the Furniture Business

Brad Pitt, designer.
Brad Pitt, designer.

As Brad Pitt was not available for an interview about his new luxury furniture line with Frank Pollaro, the Times talked to a bunch of design experts for their thoughts instead. Their observations ranged from “swanky” to “stifled”; one critic noted, “I was surprised to discover that the bathtub was a bathtub; I thought it was an ashtray.” Here are our favorite gems (and yes, the Chanel No. 5 ad was referenced):

1. “The shiny metal surprised me specifically; the mod Trumpian swankiness, in general.” 

2. “These pieces are too nice; I do not hear Mr. Pitt’s voice unleashed with full authority.”

3. “Mr. Pitt, you are a great actor. Stay that person, with all of his confidence and drive and risk-taking, when designing. These first pieces are audition monologues; you already have the part.”

4. “[A piece I would want in my home is] possibly the oval table — in the guest room of a second home, if I owned a second home.”

5. “I’m not convinced after seeing three table designs (and a bathtub that reminds me of an ashtray) that Brad Pitt should quit his day job to be in the furniture or product design game. Unless that means I can be an actor for a day and get paid $7 million to star in a Chanel No. 5 perfume ad.”

Pitt Now Moonlighting in the Furniture Business