Road-Testing Two New Silver and Gold Lip Colors

Red lipstick is just as ubiquitous at holiday parties as mistletoe, punch bowls of mystery beverages, and foods wrapped in bacon. Come December, no look seems complete without a brilliant crimson pout, but isn’t that a bit expected? Even people who won’t go near such a bold hue during the year all of a sudden reach for scarlet.

This season, two brands are brazenly looking to change the way we think about holiday lip color by introducing metallic shades. MAC’s Grey Friday is a shimmery silver-grey that pays homage to the Armageddon day after Thanksgiving when everything goes on sale. Then there’s Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics’ Triptych Lip Tar, an intense, glittering gold that can be worn on it’s own or dabbed over that usual holiday red for a more subtle effect. Click to watch as we ambushed women and men, asking them to try out these new hues. Most agreed: It’s best for a costume party. Still, that didn’t stop anyone from walking away with the unusual shades left on their lips.