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Robert Duffy Getting a Divorce, Is Very Happy

Photo: Leandro Justen/

In a Telegraph article on Bookmarc, which arrived in London last month, reporter Ellie Pithers led off with a question about the Marc Jacobs president’s “new-found familial bliss” with husband of two years, Alexis Cespedes, and their daughter, Victoria:

“I’m getting a divorce,” Duffy snaps. Profuse, mortified apologies are met with a more forgiving response: “You’re the first journalist I’ve told. You can tell everyone I’m very happy. My daughter and I — we’re doing good.”

And for those of you interested in Duffy’s preferred authors, they are as follows: Somerset Maugham, Tennessee Williams, Francine Prose, and David Sedaris. Fifty Shades of Grey is “not [his] thing.”

Robert Duffy Getting a Divorce, Is Very Happy