frankenstorm damage

Hurricane Sandy Damage Renders Poor Calvin Klein’s Apartment Building Uninhabitable

Photo: Scott Rudd

Damage wreaked by Hurricane Sandy last week has left the swanky Richard Meier–designed apartment buildings in the West Village uninhabitable for up to six months. Elevators are down, as are many crucial electrical systems — and maintenance work will be difficult because the buildings’ basements are flooded with “an unpleasant slick” of sewage and grease five feet deep. High-profile residents can obviously set themselves up elsewhere, and Calvin Klein (reported to own a $20 million triplex in one tower) has “sought refuge in SoHo,” “Page Six” reports, so one lucky Airbnb host in the neighborhood may be getting paid for renting their couch in trade: CK briefs, of course.

Sandy Renders CK’s Apartment Uninhabitable