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Selita Ebanks to Retire From V.S. Angel Duty

Photo: Nancy Rivera/Corbis

Before this year’s Victoria Secret Fashion Show, Selita Ebanks mentioned to the Cut that even the most famous among angels still have to audition for a slot in the extravaganza. What does that entail? “You have to show up in your panties, and you have to walk and be pleasant and say hi to everyone and hope that you’ve still got it,” she shared at last night’s UNICEF Snowflake Ball. “I didn’t make it,” she added, laughing. “Go figure!”

Next year, she doesn’t even plan to try out. “I’ve done, what, five, six shows? I’ve experienced my V.S. days.” Which gives her plenty of time to hang out at her newest favorite place: Whole Foods. When another party reporter asked her what sort of foods “trigger” overeating (um, what?), Ebanks went boldly forth, answering the question in a surprisingly thoughtful manner. “The fromage is like — I love that section,” she said. “I just love the different consistencies, the different flavors, paired with different wines and juices. It’s fun!” Especially when you consider the alternative: wearing really heavy metallic wings, then marching down a runway in your underwear. Camembert, anyone?