Street Style: Moscow Kids Love Americana

Photo: Alina Nikitina

What’s surprising about the looks our street-style photographer shot in Moscow is just how often certain brands appear. We’re not talking Prada or Louis Vuitton — though they are there, too — but names like Nike, Puma, Converse, Supreme, and New Balance. Amid the Russian city’s dreary gray skies, the residents pair their sporty sneakers with bright colors (Yves Klein blue and sunny yellow, in particular) along with chunky gold jewelry, studded headbands, Lennon-style shades, and sequined pants. On the young men, there’s also a bit of USA heritage that’s made its way across the Atlantic. From chinos to denim jackets, click through our slideshow to see it all, plus the brave few women who actually wore heels and, in one stunning case, a long leather dress.