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Vintage Contact Sheets: Joan Collins in 1954, on the Set of Land of the Pharaohs

Photo: David Seymour

Almost a decade before Elizabeth Taylor played Cleopatra, Joan Collins starred as Nelifer in an epically camp Hollywood film called Land of the Pharaohs. She played a money-hungry and shallow woman who weasels her way into the pharaoh’s life in an effort to obtain riches — a role that would set her up for many to follow, most famously as Dynasty’s Alexis Carrington. Zoom in here on never-before-published contact sheets taken in an off-moment between filming. The low-cut V-necks and halter dresses are fifties-pinup chic. And that classic Collins stare is in full effect. 

Added bonus: Watch this bizarre scene in which Nelifer screams, “What do you say … that I am not the queen?!” Acting!

Vintage Contact Sheets: Joan Collins in 1954