What Do Nicole Scherzinger and Katy Perry Have in Common?

Photo: Tim Whitby/Getty Images

Last night, Nicole Scherzinger wore a black dress embroidered with LED lights to the launch of EE, Britain’s first 4G mobile network. Not only did the dress light up, but the skirts displayed a live Twitter feed from those who tweeted @EE. Unfortunately, you couldn’t really read any of the tweets, which was perhaps intentional. (We have heard some grumblings from the U.K. that EE doesn’t always provide the most reliable service, and no one wants to wear light-up expletives. Well, at least not Scherzinger, at that particular moment.) Anyway, back to the more important part: Her Twitter dress was designed by CuteCircuit, the same people behind Katy Perry’s light-up gown at the Met Ball two years ago. According to the Telegraph, Scherzinger liked the dress so much that she ordered another one to perform in — the biggest news there being that she does, in fact, still perform!

What Do Scherzinger and Perry Have in Common?