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But What Does the CEO of Hot Topic Think of Obama?

Photo: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

WWD checked in with a bunch of CEOs and several designers, asking what they think the president’s priorities should be now that he’s secured another four years in office. Lisa Harper, chairman and CEO of Hot Topic, Inc. (the future purveyors of Braveheart lingerie!), said:

[He should do] anything he can do to restore the confidence and comfort of the middle class that the country has a strong future ahead of it. That means dealing with entitlement programs. It means dealing with taxes. It means having a pro-business stance.

Harper’s a regular Raddatz! Diane von Furstenberg had this to offer: “The most important thing is America wants to be united. We don’t want to be polarized. Everything else will take care of itself. United makes us stronger.” Kumbaya, y’all.

What Does the CEO of Hot Topic Think of Obama?