What Kristen Stewart Should Wear to the Twilight Premieres


This week marks the end of Kristen Stewart’s red-carpet run as Bella Swan. In the four years Stewart’s spent promoting the Twilight Saga, she’s stuck with a pretty specific look: leggy, slim-fitting, and mostly Balenciaga. The girl knows her strengths, and short little numbers and leg-baring slits suit her well. With the exciting year she’s had and the masses of Twihards preparing for their last hurrah, the actress is going to have more attention on her than ever in this last stretch of red carpets, right at a time when Balenciaga has bid farewell to its designer. So, with that in the mind, we took the liberty (pun intended) of suggesting some looks from the spring 2013 runways that would be a refreshing departure. As you click through, imagine sneakers with each one.

What KStew Should Wear to the Twilight Premieres