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Zoom Shot: How to Tell If a Man Is Wearing Makeup

Last night, the actor showed up at the Gotham Awards in New York City looking rather thin, orange, and free of eyebrows. He’s currently playing the role of a transsexual woman dealing with AIDS in the upcoming film Dallas Buyers Club, but clearly he’s not Method acting here — that incorrect tint of foundation is an injustice to makeup-wearers everywhere.

Oh, Jordan Catellano, if you had done the research, you would’ve known to tell your makeup artist to choose a shade with pink undertones to better match your skin, instead of opting for a shade that makes you look pretty jaundiced. Perhaps a quick text to Claire Danes would’ve done the trick? She would’ve reminded you to blend, blend, blend. And don’t forget the neck.

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Zoom Shot: How to Tell If a Man’s Wearing Makeup