The 25 Best Red-Carpet Moments This Year

Photo: Getty Images

When it comes to unforgettably unfortunate fashion moments, 2012 didn’t disappoint — from Beyoncé’s see-through Met Gala getup, to Kristen and Charlize sporting matching hot messes to the Snow White and the Huntsman premieres, to the whips-and-chains-flavored boots Anne Hathaway busted out on Monday night for Les Miserables (apparently this year wants to go out with a bang). But for every fashion tragedy, there are triumphs, and for a change we want to applaud the best: Herein, we’re paying tribute to the 25 red-carpet looks we loved the most in 2012. Might as well ride out on a wave of positivity. We assume the unlucky numerology of 2013 portends a period of fashion insanity, and we want to enjoy it — and we will — with a clear conscience.

The 25 Best Red-Carpet Moments of 2012