The 50 Best Couples in Fashion’s History


In the fashion world, it often seems that relationships are as fleeting and superficial as a double air kiss. But the business of style is also a collaborative enterprise, one built on declaring and sharing favorite things. The industry is full of outsize characters whose job largely consists of announcing what they like and then creating versions thereof.  “Yes/No,” “New/Next,” “In/Out” — just ask Heidi Klum. Fashion people have no problem declaring their love — for a sweater, a trend, or even another person.

With that in mind, the Cut has culled the 50 best fashion pairs throughout history — enduring love affairs between people (and a few things) that run the gamut from the professional, to the romantic, to the familial, and even the whimsical. Whether it’s a (gay) married couple, a couturier and a client, a photographer and a model, a designer and a muse, or nuclear Wintour and her famous shades, they’ve all cemented their place for being good alone but even better together. After all, what clotheshorse doesn’t love a two-for-one? Click ahead for the full list.