André Leon Talley: ‘Mick Jagger on Stage Is Like a Dandelion Floating in the Air’

Photo: Corbis

In his review of the Rolling Stones’ concert at the Prudential Center, the Vogue editor-at-large writes: “The Jagger prance-strut-dance is as powerful as James Brown’s snake-hip wiggle, as Elvis Presley’s gyrating hips with his guitar, as Little Richard’s over-the-top sexy gigs. It’s all about technique. He needs no gym instructor; his sing-and-dance-a-thon has not worn down the power of his music, nor the power of his ability to energize his audience, the way a Pentacostal minister or missionary Baptist pastor would.” Preach.

ALT: Mick Jagger Onstage Is Like a Dandelion