Anne Hathaway and Samuel L. Jackson Fight It Out Over Christmas


Just as their two new movies are about to hit on Christmas Day, Samuel L. Jackson and Anne Hathaway are the two latest actors to get the Funny or Die treatment. The short, which was produced by Zoe Jackson (daughter of Sam) for the humor site, finds the two of them in a “Sad-Off,” arguing over slavery, tuberculosis, and whether Django Unchained or Les Misérables is likely to induce more audience tears. But how did Hathaway and Jackson even end up in the same room? “They actually came up with the idea at her wedding in September,” the producer Jackson — who met Hathaway while studying at Vassar — told the Cut. After that, she got to work finding time when her friend and her dad were “in the same place at the same time,” lining up other friends from college to shoot and edit the video. Then she decorated her own apartment, which was used for the shoot, in holiday ephemera. Only one question remains: Who wins the Sad-Off? Sound off in the comments below.

Anne Hathaway vs. Samuel L. Jackson: Xmas Fight!