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Anne Hathaway’s Vegan Tom Ford Boots: Zooming In

Anne Hathaway et boots.
Anne Hathaway et boots. Photo: Getty Images

Anne Hathaway attended her second Les Misérables premiere last night in New York, this time in head-to-toe Tom Ford, including a pair of bondage boots, reportedly cust0m-made of faux leather to accommodate Hathaway’s veganism. Also, her dress had a cape! It wasn’t quite like Gwyneth’s at the Oscars — this one was more like a bustle attached to her mid-back, and it wasn’t removable — but intriguing nonetheless.

Anne’s first premiere dress, a vintage Givenchy couture gown, had a batlike element, and this one is similar. The capelike back panel flares out from the shoulders, giving her a winged look. 

Not made for walking. Photo: Getty Images, Corbis

Okay, the bondage boots: These are serious. Consisting of multiple straps, lots of buckles, and one shieldlike shin-guard portion, they’re complex pieces of equipment. Of course, showing them off necessitated a generous side-slit through which to proffer her leg. We will not make any Angelina jokes.

Business in the front… Photo:

Considering how complex the dress is in the back, the front is simple, elegant, and clean. Made of taffeta and gathered slightly at the neck and sides, it’s a nice variation on the classic column dress.

Pores? Are you there? Photo: Nancy Kaszerman/Corbis

She continues to resist the token short-haired-girl tendency to fill all that empty neck space with flashy earrings, instead choosing demure studs. This side-slicked hair looks great, too — very Audrey Hepburn in Sabrina

… Party in the back. Photo: Nancy Kaszerman/Corbis

If she leapt from a tall building, this dress would probably inflate like a parachute and allow her to drift gently to the ground. Now that would’ve been a real red-carpet moment!

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