best bets

Best Bet: Happy Socks X Opening Ceremony

Photo: Opening Ceremony

Socks get a bad rep each holiday season. They conjure up visions of some blonde Leave It to Beaver–esque boy unwrapping a present with fervor, only to find that this once magical package is just boring. But socks actually rule! Especially when Happy Socks and Opening Ceremony are involved, because the prints are wacky but the quality is on point.  And think about the joy your ankles can bring in a printed pair. Picture this: You’re sitting on the subway, you cross one leg over the other, causing your pants to hike up an inch, and — bam — instant, festive fun between the hem of your trousers and the top of your brogues.

Happy Socks x Opening Ceremony, $20 a pair (or 4 for $50) at Opening Ceremony.