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British Fashion Council to Sell Clothes Through

The British Fashion Council is always looking for new ways to give young British talent a leg up in the fashion industry, and obviously the best way to do that is by helping them sell merchandise and make money. The BFC’s American counterpart, the CFDA, has done so by collaborating with retailers ranging from J.Crew to Now the BFC is helping the U.K.’s fledgling labels by partnering with e-commerce site to do the same. 

The yearlong collaboration, which WWD touts as “the first global sponsorship for both partners,” has Farfetch promoting BFC-approved labels through a series of pop-up showrooms that will travel to big cities like New York, Paris, L.A., and Hong Kong — in other words, where people who’ve never heard of them might take notice. The goal is to attract buyers and journalists to the showrooms, who will hopefully then see how great the labels are and place orders for their stores; it’s ideal for small labels who don’t yet have the funds or the name recognition to hold fashion presentations. And for us regular lazy people who’d rather look at the clothes from the comfort of our cubicles, Farfetch will also sell some of the items on their website. 

BFC to Sell Clothes Through