The Five Best New Candles for the Holidays

There are lots of great smells that surround this month of holiday merriment. Freshly baked cookies, just-cut Christmas trees, grandma’s perfume, crackling fireplaces — the list goes on. But should your cramped apartment or other abode not have any of the above, the newest holiday candles offer a welcome solution, plus a chance to see all of your friends and loved ones bathed in candlelight. It’s brilliant, so long as you find one that doesn’t smell like your local mall. Check out the ones we’re burning this season below.

Nest Birchwood Pine Classic candle ($32): With notes of white pine, fir balsam, birchwood, and musk, this candle’s scent will fool everyone into believing you have a Christmas tree, even if there’s no room for one.

Gather Journal Smoke and Traces candle by Joya ($40): The founders of street-cool cooking magazine Gather, Michele Outland and Fiorella Valdesolo, partnered up with fragrance mastermind Frederick Bouchardy of Joya fragrance for this limited-edition candle. The scent balances citrusy sweet notes and smoky cedarwood in a matte black jar that’s elegant and unassuming. 

MCMC Hunter Candle ($48): Perfumer Anne McClain took a traditional fir balsam note and blended in bourbon vanilla and tobacco to give this candle a smokier, sexier, more heritage appeal. It makes sense that these candles are made in Brooklyn.

Astier de Villate Stockholm candle ($83): The lavender, aloe, clove, vetiver, and myrrh notes in this wax will give any room an instantly soothing feel. Light this one up after everyone has finally left you alone to play with your presents

Cire Trudon Melchior (Myrrh and Benzoin) candle ($98): This is the fanciest candle (shown at top) to sit in your home this holiday season. Named after one of the Three Kings who came Bethlehem, this limited-edition candle’s vessel is made with real gold leaf in hand-poured glass. The smoky and earthy incense notes aren’t for everyone, but it sure is pretty to look at. 

The Five Best New Candles for the Holidays