Great Holiday Beauty Tutorials From YouTube

After years of unpublishable Christmas morning photos, we’ve put together a list of YouTube how-to videos for hair, makeup, and nail art looks that would make any mall Glamour Shot photographer wish he were back in the eighties. These looks below are tame by those standards. And if you’re not the type of person to get up early in the morning to actually create any of these before ripping through presents, do it the night before, then sleep on a silk pillowcase to prevent face and hair ruin-age. That way, you’ll look mistletoe festive on Christmas Eve.

1. Holiday makeup, Outfit and Clutch Essentials. Bethany Mota (a.k.a. Macbarbie07) will teach you how to create a glimmery golden eye makeup look while standing in the middle of a mall.

2. 24K Glam: A Holiday Makeup Tutorial. Allison, a beauty blogger who is described by one of her readers as a “cheery flight attendant,” creates a look that she describes as “glamorous without being too over-the-top.” This includes layering three different gold-toned shadows on eyelids and a set of false lashes.

3. Glitter Day-to-Night Makeup Looks. Editorial and celeb makeup artist Lisa Eldridge is down with daytime glitter, as long as the powders used are very fine. She also tells us how and when glitter was first invented and, surprise, it all started in a little town in New Jersey.

4. Snowy Christmas Tree Nail Art. This Scotch tape Christmas tree stencil will blow your holiday-nail-art mind — even if you can never replicate it.

5. 4 Quick Christmas Morning Hairstyles. These are particularly great for people who can speed-braid.