Harry Styles Confused About Relationship Status

Photo: Splash News/Corbis

Harry Styles “opened up” about his already exhaustively documented relationship with Taylor Swift on the red carpet of an X Factor event this week. Yes, the One Direction singer confirmed, that was him in all those pictures of him seal-watching and eating and skiing with Taylor Swift. But does a whirlwind month spanning at least four cities and two parents’  houses mean that they’re boyfriend-girlfriend? Who can tell these days?

Watch the video at Oh No They Didn’t, or read our transcript of the interview in its entirety. All you’ll miss is the members of the band not dating America’s most famous 23-year-old drinking some strategically placed Pepsi. 

Interviewer: You’ve been spending a little time with Taylor? How’s that going?

Harry Styles: Good.

Interviewer: Is it, like, a relationship?

Harry Styles: Maybe.

More on this soon, probably.

Harry Styles Confused About Relationship Status