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Hasbro Wants Boys to Play With Easy-Bake Ovens, Too

Executives from Easy-Bake Oven manufacturer Hasbro invited eighth-grade critic McKenna Pope to their Rhode Island headquarters yesterday, where she delivered the 44,000 signatures she’d collected from consumers who shared her desire for a gender-neutral version of the toy her aspiring-chef little brother would play with, according to a press release from The company committed to launching a silver-and-black Easy-Bake Oven with boys and girls in the packaging and marketing in February 2013, and showed her a prototype. Well done, Hasbro. Now someone call Fox News’ War on Christmas Department and tell them that a Gender Insurgency is under way, and if we don’t contain it we’ll be on the Road to Sweden.

Hasbro Says Boys Can Play With Easy-Bake Ovens