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How to Re-create Anne Hathaway’s ‘Naked Eye’

During Anne Hathaway’s recent media tour for various Les Miserables premieres, the actress has stood out from her red-carpet counterparts by painting her lids in nearly nothing at all. Her longtime makeup artist Kate Lee calls it the “nude lid” and says that, during the holidays, it’s a look that’s “divinely understated and works well on everyone.” Read on for her tips on how to re-create Hathaway’s naked eye at home.

The Primer. “This gives the nude shadow something to grab onto and the lid a finished look that you wouldn’t have by simply leaving it naked. Laura Mercier’s Eye Basics is a concealer-type product that blends down well and becomes matte.”

The Shadow. “I like to layer a warmer apricot/peach shade over the primer because it brings our focus to the color of the eye. It can be shimmery, or matte. My absolute faves are Chanel’s Soft Touch Eye Shadow in Rose De Mai, the Pale Peach from their Eclosion Quadra Eye Shadow, and Illusion D’Ombre in Fantasme, which is a shimmery shade that is almost invisible but appears almost wet when you blink. I used that for her New York premiere.”

The Brows. “A nude lid needs punctuation, and a great brow frames the lid and gives structure to the face. I love Anastasia for brow products; she has great shades and wonderful tinted brow gel which beefs up the brows and colors each hair but also helps to keep them in shape.”

The Mascara. “When you coat your lashes with mascara, get every lash from root to tip. I never use liner when I do a nude lid, not even a tiny bit as this will ruin the simplicity and pull the look into a more retro effect. That’s why it’s important to get your mascara right to the root and clean up any smudges completely.”

The False Lashes. “Great lashes are a must, so you’ll need to bring your ‘A-game’ with some individual lashes. Lashes can shape the eye as much as a shadow or a liner if you apply them mindfully. I collect lashes from whereever I travel, my favorite being in Japan. I also love Eyelure lashes, and Dura Lash Natural individual lashes, so most of the time what you see is a mixture of everything.”

The Lip. “A strong lip works beautifully, perhaps a semi-matte formulation like Chanel Rouge Allure Velvet in a darker bordeaux shade, a bright pink or a cherry red. The great thing about a nude lid is that you have the perfect canvas to go for a bright shade, so don’t be shy and try something fun.”

How to Re-create Anne Hathaway’s ‘Naked Eye’