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Les Miz’s Costume Designer Also Created Vegan Shoes for Anne Hathaway

Photo: Splash News/Corbis

The actress, who wore faux-leather bondage boots custom-made for her by Tom Ford to last week’s New York premiere, stuck to animal-friendly shoes in the film, too. “We had to find very specific shoemakers to create lace-up boots and ankle boots,” costume designer Paco Delgado told Footwear News. “We also did flats that were much more sophisticated.” Hathaway wasn’t the only one with special requests; Delgado said Hugh Jackman “wanted to wear wooden clogs. It was very difficult to walk in them, but he figured out how to do it.” When does this movie come out again? Because it sounds hysterical.

Les Miz Designer Made Vegan Shoes for Hathaway