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Male Gaze: Downton Abbey’s Feisty Driver Tom Branson

Photo: PBS

Today is Boxing Day, a day when servants and tradesmen would traditionally receive presents from their superiors. What better way to commemorate the holiday than to honor one of the hot servants of Downton Abbey? Tom Branson, played by Allen Leech, is the passionate Irish socialist who works as the Crawley family driver but also fights for class equality. He sweeps the socially minded Lady Sybil off her feet and they nearly elope before properly receiving permission from the Crawley family to marry. If his enthusiasm for working-class rights doesn’t get you going, then just take one look at that perfect head of blondhair and those piercing gray eyes. He’ll fight for your right to vote and stand up to your stuffy parents, all while looking dapper in a driver’s uniform.

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Male Gaze: Downton Abbey’s Tom Branson