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Male Gaze: The Musical Theater Guy We Don’t Hate

Photo: George De Sota/Getty Images

Even if you haven’t yet seen Les Misérables, you probably agree that Hugh Jackman is one of few men that can break into song without seeming punishingly annoying. And though he is Australian, the star actor is not one of those men we adore simply because of some vaguely English accent. Instead, his appeal stems from his oozing charm — the sense that he’s an incredibly nice guy, fun for a night out, and a bit rowdy. Even as he maintains a look that’s a bit rugged and masculine-stoic, with wind-swept hair, wrinkles that have settled to the point of bringing out his eyes, the ever-changing-yet-always-nice-looking body, and what’s usually an appreciable amount of scruff. Yet, if you look at photos from his earlier years, that nice guy comes right back out. And we’re right there with him.