Man Repeller, Minkoff, and More Dish on Holiday Beauty

A roomful of models, hair and makeup artists, and one famous designer is bound to impart some invaluable beauty knowledge, but what about when they’re dressed in campy holiday sweaters and singing to Mariah Carey’s Classic “All I Want for Christmas”? Now we’re just adding icing to the cake. Rebecca Minkoff is already known for her videos featuring fashion stars like Leandra Medine singing along to hits like “Call Me Maybe,” and this year’s cast of holiday characters proved equally entertaining.

Rebecca and Leandra are back, this time joined by Odette Annable, model Michele Ouellett, Teen Vogue’s Andrew Bevan, Bryan Boy, and DJ Cassidy dancing around, opening packages, and spiking eggnog. Before the mischief, hair and makeup stylings were handled by Sarah Lucero and Jason Araujo, and hairstylist Jeanie Syfu, with the goal of achieving a classic holiday beauty look.

The Cut caught up with the whole team as they filmed the video last week to learn more about their beauty regimens, get the vision behind the shoot, and unravel the makings of a new holiday tradition.

What was the concept behind the video shoot today?
Rebecca: We picked the song “All I Want for Christmas,” because it’s a classic holiday song, and, within a group setting, it would be the most fun to play around with. I chose people that I know can have a good time, who are free-spirited. Since there’s two Jews in the mix — myself and Leandra — we’re gonna be doing some fun stuff mock-sabotaging Christmas.
Leandra: I’m the token jew. The videos are historically really fun to shoot, and even more fun to watch. Dancing is like Prozac.

What beauty look are you focusing on for the video?
Sarah Lucero: I think maybe a little more of a pop on the eye: a little sparkle, a little shimmer — perfect for the holidays. It’s more about what they would naturally wear for the day, but a little more glam. We love cream blush, because it just looks naturally glowing on the skin. Use your fingertip, and this is the perfect easy on-the-go makeup.
Jeanie: They’re going to be wearing these really awesome casual Christmas sweaters, so we really wanted to keep the hair casual as well. Keeping the top section really flat, the waves start from the temple down, and then leaving the ends straight as well.It gives it more of a casual, new twist on the beachy wave. The look is really similar to the hair I created for Rebecca Minkoff for spring/summer 2013.

What are some great hair and makeup products we can use for the holidays, and some tips for applying them?
Sarah: Stila’s Kitten [eyeshadow] is a shimmery Champagne-rose-gold color that looks good on everyone. That’s what Rebecca has on. With the Kitten Shimmer, just use your fingers to pop that in the center of the eyelid to add a little glossiness, and that will make the eyes look bigger. I love it on Rebecca because it makes her eyes look really wide.
Jason Araujo: Liquid eyeliner! It’s tricky to apply, but the easiest way is to start with a pencil: Draw a line with pencil, so that way you have a guideline to trace over with the liquid liner.

Getting a little off topic of hair and make-up: What’s on your Christmas wish list this year?
Rebecca: I want the Tracy Anderson DVD’s. I tried it with my sister-in-law and I was really sore the next day, so I figured it worked.
Odette: I’m really, really trying to get rid of things that I don’t need in my wardrobe because I’m moving back to L.A. I’m going to do a renovation of my closet. I just want a good old-fashioned Chanel bag, and I want my husband to get it for me. Hint, hint.
Michele: Andrew told me that I need to get a phone charger. [Editor’s note: that is not a Christmas gift.] What do I really want? I need a good Adidas track suit. 

Any fun plans for holidays, or sacred holiday traditions?
Rebecca: Ice skating with my husband. We’ve only been married three years — we can’t have that many traditions yet — but we’ve done it the last two years. 
Odette: I have a big crazy Cuban family, and every year we all get together at my mom’s house to roast a pig and celebrate on the 24th, and we open presents at midnight. It’s this crazy, chaotic fun. It’s a big tradition in my family. On the 25th, we’re really lazy, and we eat leftovers and nurse our hangovers. It’s those mojitos that my uncle makes that always get me; all the sugar, but they’re so great.

Speaking of cocktails, any holiday favorites?
Jeanie: Hot chocolate, peppermint schnapps, whipped cream, and I think one other thing is in it but I can’t remember. It’s called a Snowball, and it is really, really good.
Odette: I’m a scotch girl, too. I made a mistake and ordered a Johnny Walker Blue on the rocks with a little bit of water. I learned a lesson, the bartender was like “Really?” Now I stick with neat.
Leandra: My favorite cocktail period is a margarita. Last night I had a watermelon one.

Man Repeller, Minkoff, & More on Holiday Beauty